Ways to help

Ways to help the Yolihuani association

  • 1) You can become a member and be a part of Yolihuani’s family.

You can make monthly donations that will go towards guaranteeing drinkable water, basic food, creation of vegetable gardens and education.

Select the monthly amount you wish to donate or click “Other” and type a different amount. You can also decide to do a one off payment by selecting “DONATE ONCE ONLY”.



  • 2)You can also become a Godfather with the acquisition of a water filter for 35€ every 2 years. Your gesture means 2 years of drinkable water for a whole family.

Click “DONATE ONCE ONLY” and type 35 in the empty box.



  • 3) Help us to spread the OBJECTIF, ACTION and the PHILOSOPHY of the Asociación Yolihuani. It keeps getting easier:



  • 4) We are convinced that your level of sensibility and your perception as a humanitarian aider have other dimension: The IDEAS, PROPOSALS and WILL. If you got some spare time, join us as a volunteer and help us with the management and accomplishment of actual and future projects.