PALESTINA II - Waterfilters, school material & clothes



200 people live in Palestina II, 43 of them are children.

The majority of the houses, built with old wood and palm trees, have got lavatories on the outside. There is no electricity and only one well for the whole village. This well attracts millions of mosquitos spreading Malaria and Dengue fever. Almost every day a teacher comes to the village to give classes to the children but unfortunately there is a lack of school materials. Only half of the children follow the teaching, the parents don’t understand the importance of education and rather have their kids help with domestic tasks or look after their younger siblings.


The objective of this project is in first hand to provide drinkable water and diminish the threat of diseases and in second hand for the parents to see the importance of sending their children at school. Only by increasing the children’s formation we’ll be able to considerably improve on a sustainable manner the situation of Palestina II and all of its inhabitants.


To install for each family a filter to purify water and diminish the cases of diarrhea causing the death of many children. These filters are functional for about one year and a half and must be then substituted by new ones.

The school materials like books, notebooks, pencils, etc. for the teacher to have the means to give a proper education and for the parents to finally see the importance of letting their kids go to class.

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